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According to a man contacted 30 or so years ago telepathically by a group calling themselves "The Allies of Humanity", (search the Internet for more info) the Trade Organizations and Free Planets all agree that when a planet is over its wars, and all of the governments work together, or they are under a single government, and they have ventured out into space and are possibly on the verge of discovering Faster Than Light travel, they are probably ready for contact. They indicate that some worlds are never ready and end up destroying themselves.

They tell us that the Free Planets will never contact us before we are ready, nor will they even set foot on our world.

But they also tell us that if you think the Collectives wait for this to happen you are crazy. They will be sneaking their people onto the world if they can (most have oxygen breathing members in their collectives), and they will be bribing members of governments, companies, corporations, and doing everything to make the world ready to "accept their help" which will lead to us joining their collective. As he described (or the allies did), the Collectives are an analog of Communists where the upper echelon rulers enjoy immense comforts and we will end us as part of the subservient workforce as they rape our planet for all of its true value. Logically thinking, why would the greater universe be any different than the microcosm of the Earth? It makes sense, except for one thing. Someone is already here, and they have been here for a very long time. They also control the rest of the Solar system with an iron fist.


Earth is not like most worlds that are maturing and becoming ready for first contact. Earth was already taken over by other means. The Invaders have been here longer than humans. in fact, they created humans to be part of their prison system. Yes, that is effectively what we are, prisoners. And I do not mean humans, I mean who we really are. In fact, as I said earlier, the human avatar is part of this system they created. The human being is part of their handy-work, but most of the DNA was sourced from an Earth hominid they used when they made the human form.

The Invaders maintain control of Earth for several reasons. The primary reason is to maintain control of the energetic beings that are part of the Creator's experiment. They know the importance of the the now Human Soul Group, or at least how important they were to the Creator. They do not like their own Creator. And they are also the worst misogynists in the galaxy. They truly hate women, and I believe that it is all because their Creator is female. This also explains why women are treated so poorly on Earth. They have done their best to make sure women don't get ahead, or have to fight tooth and nail to get ahead here.


The Queen of England is one of them. There are several different species in the collective here, but she is a reptilian member. She hides behind a technological screen that shows you what she wants you to see, but every once in while the technology fails for a short period of time. Read about what happened in 2016 when several hundred people saw the queen's disguise fail. CLICK HERE to read about it. They even posted an explanation on her official web site, but it was taken down after several hours when they realized they could lie and get away with it since it was less than a thousand or so people. They know that people are so deeply programmed that when they tell their friends what they saw it is unlikely they will be believed.


To the still primitive humans, they acted like, and were seen as gods during the first 250,000 years or so on Earth. Our ignorant scientists think that man just learned farming and animal husbandry over the last 6000 years or so, but we have been through many iterations (approximately 10 or so) with each set being wiped out in the repeating 12,000 year Solar Micro-Nova that occurs. I have dubbed it the "12KCC" for 12,000 year Catastrophe Cycle. The last advanced civilization that was wiped out were the Atlanteans that we hear so much about in stories and folklore. And rumors of an even older civilization called the Lemurians may have been the group during the cycle before them. More on this devastating event and the evidence that it exists, shortly.

After each Solar Micro-Nova, the small surviving population would emerge from the caves and with literally every bit of technology gone on the surface, and with no way to repair what they had, mankind reverted to a fairly primitive state. And as described in the stories, myths and fables told by most every group on Earth, tall, bearded advanced beings would teach them what they needed to know to reach the level of a basic agrarian society. These beings were seen as gods to the struggling humans.

Over time, the human population would grow around the Earth and more of the
energetic beings that were collected upon the death of their avatars during the Solar catastrophe would be taken out of "storage" by the Invaders and they would oversee the process of reincarnation to begin the cycles of life, death, memory erasure and reincarnation all over again. 


Those I refer to as the  Invaders are called the AIF, or Alien Invader Force by
Wes Penre (see the Wes Penre Papers or WPP for Wes' detailed research. It is over a thousand pages and it is indispensable for anyone researching the TRUTH about who we are!). Wes' website can be found here: WPP
Wes Penre is one of the nicest, easiest to get along with and most well centered humans I have had the pleasure of interacting with (only via his web site, Q&A, and video comments and such), but his wonderful soul comes through in everything he does. You can feel it from his research, his Q&A sessions and hid demeanor in all of his interactions. He knows who and what he is. And he is a "Heart Centered" being, and his compassion and love for his fellow beings on Earth radiates from him. And he understands true empathy, which is not always easy for people. I have had to work on my ability to see things from someone else's perspective to allow more open and honest communications. And because of Wes' obvious care and compassion for his fellow beings, he shares all that he has learned and figured out with anyone who is interested, and thankfully, he is natural teacher with the patience of a Saint.

I agree with probably 90% of what Wes has described in his detailed research work, and the parts that I disagree with are based mostly in the physics of the universe, the Solar Catastrophe Cycle and a few other odds and ends you may notice if you read all of his work (which I highly recommend). I had already decided that the religions on Earth were created intentionally as control mechanisms before I had read the first page of Wes' work, and I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much he had discovered through his contacts and other means that I agreed with and were things I had figured out or discovered since I set out on my own journey of discovery which started with a strange UFO sighting in the mid 1970s, but truly began in earnest after the events of 9/11/2001 (which we know was perpetrated by Intelligence agencies, many in government and small groups in the US and Israeli military).


I started out on my quest of discovery from the "physical side" and it naturally shifted to the spiritual side as so manyl quests for truth eventually do. My search began on 1975 in the middle of the Pacific ocean where a friend and I were standing in total darkness enjoying the most beautiful view of the Milky Way on the center of a 9500 foot long runway that used only once week. I was staring to the south (looking at the top of the Southern Cross constellation) when he tapped me on my shoulder and said "Shhh... turn around slowly" - I thought WTF? There is no one out here at all!

As I turned, I watched a huge, glowing walnut shaped craft that was the size of a multi-story hotel, and at least 2000 feet wide quietly lower itself to a point a few hundred feet above the lagoon where it hovered for 2 or 3 minutes. I found that I was shaking - literally shaking out of fear. It was several miles from us, but still looked huge. We both watched it turn on some kind of light extending into the water, and something was somehow pulled up with the light into the bottom of the craft. There was no noise, but both of us felt a low rumbling or hum in our chests. It had to be related to what we were witnessing. Then, as quickly as it has lower itself, it lifted up to maybe a thousand feet and slowly began to move up and to the west at about a 45 degree angle. It was slowly increasing its speed, and just after it cleared the ring of islands, it literally shot off into the sky in that same direction and in less than 3 or 4 seconds it was only a dot of light that suddenly blended into the rest of the stars.

My friend immediately blurted out that we had to go tell the Chief or the Old Man about what we saw. He said they had to be told. I thought for a second and remembered a news Item I had watched recently about a guy in New York that told the authorities and when the Air Force came to investigate they told hims it was swamp gas or some such nonsense and his neighbors began to ridicule him. They called him crazy. They said he was seeing things or drinking too much, and 100 other things that I am sure were not true. No, we were not going to tell anyone, and I finally got him convinced when I told him about the news item I saw, and that if he said anything, he could probably write off his next promotion, and we were both due for advancement. They don't promote people who see little green men... okay?

Since then, I have always owned telescopes that cost more than I could afford, and I learned how to use them. I read book about everything from UFOs to Alien abductions. But it wasn't until the early 2000s that I got interested in consciousness and began to ask the important questions. Who am I, what am I, and why are we here? Even though I was raised a Southern Baptist, I knew that they did not have story of Humanity correct. I also knew that the Bible did not get handed down 2000 to 3000 years without human editing and intervention, but I did know that what Jesus taught concerning caring for your fellow humans to be correct. There was a certain dissonance between the old and new testaments that was obvious to me, even back then.

To Be Continued Soon
(it has to be, we are running out of time)

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