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CONSCIOUSNESS - It is all that truly exists...
A Planetary Awakening Is Underway...
 BUT, we have some SERIOUS PROBLEMS we must face!

As we go through and experience life in what we call "NOW" we learn new truths. Some truth remains with us and becomes higher truth, while other things are countered, understood, pushed aside and become falsehoods, or lessons learned.

I emphasized "NOW" because it is the ONLY place you really exist in this linear counting of events, the illusion we call "Time." All that has come before it cannot be changed directly, but it is affected by all that follows it, and the future is but a series of possibilities. Your human memories are permanent and not stored in your head. BUT, the past you remember may appear to be different than you find it documented.  If so, then you are:
Consider it a gift, a wake-up call, a maybe knock on your door from an old friend. Have no fear about this revelation. It means that YOU see reality as it truly exists in what we call NOW.

Remember this, if you remember nothing else:
You must give them permission to transfer your Consciousness into a cybernetic body (be it nanite-based, robotic, or otherwise).  So if a little Gray Alien, or any suspicious looking character, approaches you and asks if you would like to live forever, tell them you already will, and you want nothing to do with THEIR plans.

Each new answer leads to even more discoveries and more questions. I am now at a pace of learning that it is becoming difficult to keep up with, let alone put in print for others to study and learn from, right now - but I will soon try.  For now, some simple truths that paint the BIG PICTURE are listed below, and I will expand upon these points in the not too distant future after I take care of more important things (helping others):

1. Sleepers, your world is not at all what you think it is. Awaken. Look around you, examine EVERYTHING, very closely. Take off the blinders they put on you. You have been totally programmed to accept a scam, a series of very big lies, and even worse, you were taught to police others, forcing them not to speak of the "supposed lies" when they discovered them. We humans do it very effectively with peer pressure. You call them Conspiracy Theorists, Crackpots, and many other memes fed to you by the CIA, FBI and other agencies they control. The organized news media has no real news for you at all - it is all prearranged lies - it is scripted information they feed you on a daily basis.

We have never been alone, although it felt like it for a very long while (through most of our history, in fact). We do have help. In fact, more than you can ever imagine. But even so, WE must do the hard work to rid ourselves of the interlopers who run our world, and to get through it all to the other side where love and true feelings of belonging and a "Oneness" awaits us. Oneness means to feel and actually BE a part of a wonderful existence as a whole group or ONE Mind and One Heart who's goal is truly your safety, education in the truth of our reality, and true enjoyment of life itself. And don't worry - you will always be you, and your individual identity, your likes, your loves, your quirks that define you will never be taken from you. But you will add to the knowledge and experience of the Creator of all that is, of which we are are a part.

I do not think that all "humans" that you see are REAL Human Beings. There seems to be a literal potpourri of "things" out there that look human, but they apparently are not. This is especially true in government, finance and large corporations
. At least they do not emit energy like most humans do. Thankfully, they seem to be going away.

4. We are here on a "Mission" - and it is up to each of us to discover what our mission really is. I am sure that a large part of it is education. Another part seems to be to experience and record new, unique events, and to eventually share these experiences with others. And another for us, the affected, is to SEEK TRUTH.

5. I am absolutely certain that we directly participate in the creation of our reality, and I mean by its direct manifestation from our true intentions combined with our emotions and desires, and as this becomes more powerful from the innate abilities within us, we discover that we also manifest our fears. As these creative abilities become more evident, and more powerful, those who are not truly ready for it, may not be able to handle it. And I do not know what their final outcomes or results will be, but recently I was told it will all be okay, it may be a bumpy ride, but they will be given time to learn, if needed, and, if desired. It will be their choice.

6. I truly believe that the key is to conquer all fear - most of my life I believed that the opposite of love was hate, but now I know that it is FEAR. You truly have nothing to fear, especially your own death. If it is time, welcome it and be at peace. Beauty along with Love, and a true sense of belonging unlike anything you can imagine awaits you on the other side of the veil. I believe that many of us will even live to see the veil soon lift, when we are truly ready, and we can handle it. A new world will be ours.  We also discover that Time was created only for us on this physical plane where we seem to think it is needed. It is never truly needed.

If you do cross over (you die), what you see will depend on how effective we all are at ridding this world of "The Others" - I believe that Earth was taken over many eons ago and it has been turned into a prison of sorts for us. We have been recycled through bodies over and over (some 100 times, others as many as 1000 times). The bodies were damaged, the DNA degraded from their original design to aid the Interlopers (Invaders, Archons, Dark Entities, Satan, whatever your name for them is). Human lifespans were cut from 300 to as long as 900 years down to a maximum of 120, and most barely make it past 80. Pretty sad, eh?   If you are near death, and you truly want to escape recycling on this prison world (yet
again):  CLICK HERE.

7. Love is truly the answer. Unconditional Love. Learn to honestly expect nothing for your love, and you will get everything in return. Give it freely, and know that when you look into the eyes of another human being or any truly LIVING BEING, it is but a different version of YOU. We are all one, divided, yet totally connected, all to experience as much as we can, to learn, to love, to feel, to gain knowledge. The ONE is beautifully curious, and filled with Love and Caring for all of this Creation, this and all other Dimensions, all Spaces, All Times. In other words, ALL that exists.

8. With true unconditional love, you will become fearless. I assure you of that.

9. Having unconditional love and true empathy along with the compassion that goes with it, does not mean becoming foolish or stupid and allowing others to abuse you. In fact, it means just the opposite - it is to become empowered in ways you never imagined, but you may have pictured in your most beautiful dreams.

Seek your Awakening. Connect with the Universe - NO FEAR

That is all I have for you right now. I have some things that need my undivided attention for a little while (I  think I have a chance to try to save some lives and end some misery - and that seems very important to me right now).  But I will be back.  And I will share all that I learn with you.

Humbly, your friend,


Read the following ONLY if you understand that YOU CAN NOT UN-KNOW WHAT you are about to read.

Under Universal Law, the Invading Archons, Usurpers of Garden-Library Earth (created for us, and given to us by the Divine Feminine, Queen of Orion *), had to give us the KEYS to the truth.  Free Will must NOT be impeded without permission, be it tacit, or direct. This is how we finally know. They took our freedom and set themselves up as false gods (and sadly, we let them). The original Earth souls were 4th Density (5D) and they were so naive back then (trusting, young, loving, kind souls...). You may be one of the originals, or you may be here to help effect a rescue of sorts as an educator (a Star Seed, a Wanderer, etc.).

Each of us is a Co-Creator here, and each a part of the Infinite Creator, as is the Divine Queen of Orion, and if we learn and know enough (and they still control this 3D realm), we can escape this prison by carrying our memories through DEATH, and when these defective bodies fail, those of us who have truly learned who and what we are, WILL NOT go to their FALSE light to be recycled back into this prison, into yet another defective body with Amnesia to be fed upon by the Dark Entities in War, Death, Hatred, Pain, Abuse and all other methods they know to produce Fear which supplies THEIR needed food.

Look UP after death - UP - and ignore those telling you to go to the light, and instead look UP at the holes our New Growing Planetary Consciousness has created in the prison grid they built to keep us here against our will.
Don't be afraid!

Having not joined your Over-Soul quite yet, you need to learn to Move as Spirit, and this is done by setting your TRUE Intentions to BE where you desire. Passing the now broken grid you reach the KHAA**. The REAL, and most beautiful universe from which we came. You were robbed of your memories entering the intentionally damaged bodies, and now you only sense the
4% or 5% of the universe that our captors allow us to see .

When you escape, the "Dark Matter" is no longer dark or hidden, and you get to see, feel and immerse yourself into all of it using new senses you are not even aware of, but will soon remember (imagine being able to feel and see magnetic lines of flux, and other energies). You will hear the Social memory COmplexes of entire distant planets like a form of beautiful music (Einstein's Music of the Spheres). Don't be afraid or harbor any fear. It is all GOOD - 00000000
+But it is a lot to see, feel, hear, receive and absorb, and it may initially be overwhelming, having been hidden from us for so very long. The Majesty and Beauty of the Creator and the Creation is beyond the limited human imagination in its current state.

Wake up Humanity - you are FAR MORE than you know. I am not 100% certain,at least not yet, but I think we have won our freedom, and they have lost their ability to control us.  If they had reach their precious Singularity and they put you into one of the "new" Robotic Cyborg bodies they are working on, you may never escape this prison. This is no LARP - this IS YOUR LIFE. You will truly live in an eternal Hell with your captors who can torture you at will with NO RECOURSE for you. Ignore the cries of your FAKE relatives to go to the light. They are LIES. Instead, GO UP, GO UP and pass through the now broken prison grid, and THINK ORION (if that is your home), specifically, The Gates of Orion. These are the true Pearly Gates so often mentioned. And you, a Soul Splinter, will unite with your Over-Soul, and appear at the Gates where you will be tested to enter the TRUE Heaven of our Source. If you know you are a seed from elsewhere, think what you know and seek. Sirius? Arcturus?, Anteres?, Polaris?, The Pleiades (Seven Sisters)?   RETURN - UNITE IN LOVE, after which you will be free to travel the REAL 100% Universe and Create as you were meant to.

The Prime Creator of Pure Love, Compassion, True Empathy, Majesty and Beauty beyond compare gave you Free Will with that Spark of the essence of life  NOW YOU WILL USE IT. The other choice it oo likmiting to contemplate (to lose it and be part of nd I - or LOSE IT, possibly forever!

Divine Feminine, Queen of Orion - She is one of us, only much older, wiser, and far more powerful from her vast experiences. She is filled with Love & Light. Does it not seem strange, unnatural, that Women on this world are not equal to men? That is not how it was meant to be.

** KHAA - This ia Wes Penra's name for the Universe you see upon exiting our Virtual prison. I  know it as The All or The Web or simply The Visible Ether. 

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