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STOP Agenda 21, and Agenda 2030
They ARE Criminal, and even worse, they are VERY Sick Plans
with a secret agenda to help the CRIMINAL Leadership of Earth...

Imagine this: A search engine that works very well, only they don't track your
 IP Address and politically slant the results... Try

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Imagine this: A search engine that works very well, only they DO SPY
ON YOU and track your IP Address and WHO KNOWS what they do with it
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We have been lied to since the late 1940s. But, at that time, those in our government had no idea they were helping an enemy who had already taken over our planet and turned all of Humanity into little more than slaves...

It's now 2017, and We The People (of Earth) have been lied to by our governments for over 60 years about something that has helped keep us enslaved by some very nasty negative entities ("yes, little Bobby, it's Aliens"). Yes, UFOs are real, and I mean VERY REAL. Two "close encounters" is what got me into the heavy duty research that led to the FACTS you will read on this page.

the problems we now face are NOT Planet X (Nibiru, Wormwood, etc). That was disinformation by "the Cabal" as they are called by those in the know, although we now know that there are many planets we are not aware of in BIZARRE orbits around our sun.

Portions of our government, mostly our own infiltrated Intelligence Agencies are literally working with beings who have controlled this planet for several thousand years. Yes, it sounds like a bad B-grade Sci-Fi movie, but it is all too real. 

Here are a few of the facts we now know:

  • The "Military Industrial Complex" (MIC) is effectively has its own own "Space Navy" and President Eisenhower warned us for a REAL reason.
  • We also have a Military Branch of the Space Navy (originally called SOLAR WARDEN) who were supposed to be poling the Solar System.
  • The NAZIs made contact through the VRIL Society with some very Nasty Beings who help them with technology.
  • The NAZIs built anti-gravity powered craft as early as the late 1930s
  • Many NAZIs escaped to caverns under Antarctica with this technology at the end of WW2. It was not far enough along to use to win the war, but they did not want to lose it.
  • The BIG 1952 Washington DC UFO Scare was the NAZIs forcing us to join them.
  • We were going to infiltrate them, only they ended up infiltrating our 3 letter agencies
  • The NAZIs went on to build something called the Dark Fleet and to this day are flying along side the Draco Empire raiding other worlds and helping the Draco to enslave them just as we were, and still are enslaved (needless to say, this does not "endear humanity" to these other worlds).
  • Here are a few of the secrets they have kept from us (and how they do it):
    • We are all part of a Collective Consciousness, we are eternal beings, albeit quite young as far as races go.
    • We reincarnate here on Earth many times in 25,920 year cycles to learn and work thorough lessons of life we need to advance beyond our current state, in other words, to ascend (No, its not just Sci-Fi - it is very real).
    • They add chemicals to foods and our water to deaden our Pineal Gland which is how beings all through the universe use telepathy, telekinesis, and it helps us to evolve spiritually. WE ARE SPIRITUALLY STUNTED.
    • Several large ships in space also transmit a form of energy that helps to keep us docile, in fear half the time, and keeps us form advancing and discovering what is being done to us and of what we are truly capable.
    • Methods to generate massive amounts of energy out of the Source Field (as David Wilcock calls it) should be ours to use here to stop the use of oil which is part of the enslavement process. Each time a scientist discovered how create devices to use this energy, the Patent Office notified an agency who came and slapped "TOP SECRET" on it, took all of the paper work and research and the person was never heard from again. This happened more times than anyone can count.Not to mention what was acquired from crashed alien crafts and reverse engineered Yes, Roswell was VERY real).
    • Medical Technology is so advanced that cancer is no problem for our hidden space faring gangs. Pills, radiation treatments, chemo therapy are like medieval technology in comparison.

THE MORE WE KNOW OF THEM, the less power they have over us. We have learned quite a few things about our universe thanks to the work of some fine people like David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Jay Weidner, a whole host of "Whistle Blowers" (some who remain nameless just to stay alive), and many others.

We have learned the following things:

  • Already mentioned above, we are all part of a Collective Consciousness, we are eternal beings, albeit quite young as far as races go.
  • Our scientists are stunted in their efforts and knowledge. They are forced to avoid the fact (and I mean FACT) that we are a creation. No, some bearded god sitting on a cloud didn't snap us into existence, but we ALL were created by what the very advanced, peaceful, positive beings in our universe call The Infinite Intelligence of Light and Love. Yes, it may sound corny to you at first, but if we have a Creator, Light and Love sound like two GREAT ingredients to start with, as far as my analysis goes.
  • The third ingredient is really a break with the perfection of Light and Love, and it is thereby called the first Distortion of the Creation.  This "distortion" is FREE WILL. The Creator gave all of us Free Will and it is a Law that is enforced by the "Adults" in our Galaxy, which is how I look at beings that are possibly Billions of Years Old. Talk about a midlife crisis... YIKES!
  • Free Will MUST NOT BE IMPEDED, even the Free Will of the bad guys, UNLESS they impede yours. Then all bets are off. First off, lets describe who is good and who is bad. With thousands of races out there, we need some frames of reference. Under a long understood definition on classification of beings (and I mean LONG understood), three are basically two types:
    • 1) Those primary in service to others, and
    • 2) Those primarily in service to themselves.
  • Service to others does not mean you man bread lines 24/7/365 feeding the homeless or you are like Mother Theresa (although these would surely qualify, if your heart is in it and not doing it "for show"), but it means you have compassion for others, helping them whenever and wherever the need arises. Being nice, kind, cordial, friendly, and YOU don't impede the free will of others, as well. This is the bulk of Humanity and the bulk of beings in our universe.
  • Service to Self is just that. Selfishness. These are the people that have no compassion, or very little of it, and they always come first in their decision making process. These are the criminals, the sociopaths, psychopaths, and the hardened criminals. The beings that run our planet classify under this heading IN A BIG WAY.


I am currently working details for what is to come and how you can hep and where to get more info. You can start by signing up at - there is more information there than anywhere else, although some of the videos are on YouTube describing what is going on on Planet Earth that the TOTALLY CONTROLLED news agencies will never tell you.

You may not believe what I have told you, but you will soon find out it is all too real.Then you will be BEHIND the curve... which is not a good place to be if you want to work toward not being a casualty when the sun emits a SUPER Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). It's due sometime between NOW and 2022.

YOU have a lot to learn, my friend.

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