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STOP Agenda 21, and Agenda 2030

You were meant to live on the Earth spread out in tribes to care for her, with Love.
The day of reckoning is almost here... DO NOT FEAR IT, as it will not harm you.

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As we go through life and experience the NOW, we learn new truths - some truth remains with us and becomes higher truth, while other things are countered, understood destroyed and become falsehoods - lessons learned.

Each new thing leads to even more discoveries. I am now at a pace of learning that it is becoming difficult to keep up with, let alone put in print for others to learn from right now - but I will soon try.  For now, some simple truths that paint the BIG PICTURE are listed below, and I will expand upon these points in the not too distant future:

1. Sleepers, your world is not what you think it is. Awaken. Look around you, examine EVERYTHING closely. Take off the blinders they put on you. You have been totally programmed to accept a sham.

We have never been alone, although it felt like it for a very long while. We do have help. In fact, more than you can imagine. But WE must do the hard work.

Not all "humans" are really Human Beings. There is a literal potpourri of "things" out there that look human, but they are not. This is especially true in government, finance and large corporations (
especially near the top).

4. We are here on a "Mission" - it is up to each of us to discover what that mission really is.

5. We directly participate in the creation of our reality, and I mean by its direct manifestation from true intentions combined with our desires, but as this becomes more powerful from the innate abilities within us, you will find that we also manifest our fears. Those who are not truly ready for it, will not be able to handle it, and I do not know their final outcomes or results.

6. The key is to conquer all fear - at one time I believed that the opposite of love was hate, but now I know that it is FEAR. You truly have nothing to fear, especially your own death. If it is time, welcome it and be at peace. Beauty and a true sense of belonging, along with love unlike any you can remember awaits you on the other side of the veil. 

7. Love is truly the answer. Unconditional Love. Learn to expect nothing for your love.

8. With true unconditional love, you will become fearless.

9. Having unconditional love and the true empathy along with the compassion that go with it, does not mean becoming foolish or stupid and allowing others to abuse you. In fact, it means just the opposite - it is to become empowered in ways you never imagined, but you may have pictured in a dream.

That is all I have for you right now. I have some things that need my undivided attention for a while (to try to save quite a few lives). But I will be back. And learn, you will.

Humbly, your friend,


The Fine Print:  No, there's really nothing down here worth reading, but did you know that Google and the other search engines like LOTS-o-TEXT to index ("hey... it's what they do!") - so words like High Speed Wireless Internet Service, Web Hosting, 802.16, and other technical type words anywhere on this page may help point techies to this page.  If we were running a dogie day care, then we would have Dog words.  I think you get it... don't you?  Arf Arf.