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STOP Agenda 21, and Agenda 2030
They ARE Criminal, and even worse, they are VERY Sick Plans
with a secret agenda to help the CRIMINAL Leadership of Earth...

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Imagine this: A search engine that works very well, only they DO SPY
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We have been lied to since 1912 or 1913 here in the U.S. (in a big way), and then it got even worse in the late 1940s. But, at that time, those in our government had no idea they were helping an enemy who had already taken over our planet several thousand years ago, and whose goal it was to turned all of Humanity into little more than slaves, drones, and even food in some cases...

It's now 2017, and We The People (of Earth) have been lied to by our governments for over 60 years about something that has helped keep us enslaved by some very nasty negative entities ("yes, little Bobby, it's Aliens, but it's even worse than that, it is inter-dimensional vermin that can grow inside you and feed off of your pain and misery, of which they are the primary cause..."). 

Yes, UFOs are real, and I mean VERY REAL. Two "close encounters" is what got me into the heavy duty research since 1974 that led to the FACTS you will read on this page.

the problems we now face are NOT Planet X (Nibiru, Wormwood, etc). I am quite certain that Nibiru is disinformation by "the Cabal" as they are called by those in the know, although we now know that there are many planets we are not aware of in BIZARRE orbits around our sun.

Portions of our government, mostly our own infiltrated Intelligence Agencies are literally working with beings who have controlled this planet for several thousand years. Yes, I KNOW it sounds like a bad B-grade Sci-Fi movie, but, sadly, it is all too real. 

Here are a few of the facts we now know:

  • The "Military Industrial Complex" (MIC) is the corporate conglomerate of aerospace industries and they effectively have their own own "Space Navy" - this is EXACTLY who President Eisenhower warned us about for a VERY REAL reason.
  • We also have a Military Branch of the Space Navy (originally called SOLAR WARDEN) who were supposed to be policing the Solar System (good luck with that job, since you have the Model-Ts of space craft while the MIC and others fly circles around you..!).
  • The NAZIs made contact with some mighty BAD aliens through the VRIL Society who helped them with Anti-Gravity and Weapons technology.
  • The NAZIs built anti-gravity powered craft as early as the late 1930s and built a base on the moon my 1950!  And yes, they lost quite a few men while figuring what to do about radiation problems.
  • Many NAZIs escaped to huge caverns under Antarctica with this technology at the end of WW2, the locations of which were provided by the negative Aliens. This technology was not far enough along to use to win the war, but they did not want to lose the technical edge, since the Reich was NOT DEAD!
  • The BIG 1952 Washington DC UFO Scare was actually the NAZIs calling our bluff and forcing us to join them.
  • We were going to infiltrate them, only they ended up infiltrating most of our 3 letter agencies
  • The NAZIs went on to build something called the Dark Fleet and to this very day are flying along side the Draco Empire raiding other worlds and helping the Draco to enslave them just as were enslaved, and are STILL enslaved (needless to say, this does not "endear humanity" to the inhabitants of  these other worlds...).
  • Here are a few of the secrets kept from us (and how they do it):
    • We are all part of a Collective Co-Creative Consciousness, we are eternal beings, albeit quite young as far as races go.
    • As Co-Creators, we have been used by our Captors to create a Reality that THEY want... not what WE really want or need. We are their EverReady batteries for Creating Reality (in a DARK style).
    • We reincarnate here on Earth up to 1000 times on the cycle of three Great Years (25,920 years each, almost 76,000 years in all) to learn and work through lessons of life we need to advance beyond our current state, in other words, to ascend ("No, its not just Sci-Fi little Bobby, it is very real...").
    • The Cabal adds chemicals to our foods and our water to deaden our senses and especially our Pineal Gland which is how beings all over the universe make use of telepathy, telekinesis, etc., and this helps us to evolve spiritually. SO BASICALLY, WE ARE SPIRITUALLY STUNTED, EMOTIONALLY RETARDED, SET BACK, KEPT DOWN, CRAPPED ON, USED LIKE A CHEAP TOOL, BEAT UP, MADE TO KILL EACH OTHER, POISONED TO DIE EARLY IN PAIN, ROBBED OF OUR HARD EARNED WEALTH...,

      should I go on with the description, or do you get the Picture?

    • Several large ships orbiting our planet (cloaked, of course) also transmit a form of energy that helps to keep us docile, in fear half the time, and keeps us from advancing and discovering what is being done to us, and of what we are truly capable of.
    • Methods to generate massive amounts of energy out of the Source Field (as David Wilcock calls it) should be ours to use here to stop the use of oil which is part of the enslavement process. Each time a scientist discovered how create devices to use this energy, the Patent Office notified another agency who came and slapped "TOP SECRET" on it, took all of the paper work and research and the person was never heard from again. This happened more times than anyone can count. Not to mention what was acquired from crashed alien crafts and reverse engineered "Yes, Little Bobby, Roswell was VERY real...").
    • Medical Technology is so advanced that cancer is no problem for our hidden space faring gangs. Pills, radiation treatments, chemo therapy are like medieval technology in comparison, and used to sap our savings from us while curing NOTHING... and it does just that quite well.  Go find a movie named "The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius: Royal Raymond Rife" be prepared to double up on your BP meds, because it is going to make you madder than a Hornet in a Bee's nest... (ever see one of those - YOWZA!)   Dr. Rife literally cured EVERY disease known to mankind that was caused by Viruses or Bacteria and even proved that Viruses somehow were working with Cancer transmission, and he proved he could cure ANYTHING with less than 1 cent's worth of electricity...  and through the A.M.A. and later the F.D.A. they DESTROYED THAT MAN to ensure Big Pharma made lots of money (and never came close to curing cancer).  And they kill millions of us every year because of that single action. The bastards... (I apologize for my anger - it is very wrong - but my oldest sister, who I loved dearly just died of cancer in horrible pain, so I am taking it VERY personally!. I am also going to DESTROY Big Pharma, MYSELF.  I am almost done with my redesign of Rife's technology and I am going to give it away (YES, FOR FREE - MONEY SUCKS) and I am making it SO EASY to build and use, the drug companies will DIE in less than 1 or 2 years. And as well they should!  And that is if the Russians don't beat me to it, and they might since I just saw an announcement in May of 2017 that they will have a cheap home unit out by year's end. That was my target date, as well.  DRUG COMPANIES are soon to be a footnote in History right between DICK-HEADS and DOUCHE-BAGS (and I will personally IGNORE the spelling of Drugs to see that they fit right in between them, too).

THE MORE WE KNOW OF THEM, the less power they have over us. We have learned quite a few things about our universe thanks to the work of some fine people like David Wilcock, David Icke, Corey Goode, Jay Weidner, and all of the UFO researchers and a whole host of "Whistle Blowers" (many who remain nameless just to stay alive), and many, many others.

We have learned the following things:

  • Already mentioned above, we are all part of a Collective Consciousness, a single being - WE ARE ONE - as parts of the ONE, we are eternal beings, albeit quite young as far as races go (at about 75,000 years we are just kids!).
  • Our scientists are stunted in their efforts and knowledge. They are forced to avoid the fact (and I mean FACT) that we are a creation. No, some bearded god sitting on a cloud did NOT snap us into existence then demand we worship HIM or we all go to Hell (a made up Torture-Romper-room for his buddy Satan),
  • But we ALL were created by what the very advanced, peaceful, positive beings in our universe call The Infinite Intelligence of Light and Love. Yes, it may sound corny to you at first, but if we are Created,  Light and Love sound like two GREAT ingredients to start with, as far as my analysis goes (the science works, too!). And the Creator's love is UNCONDITIONAL - whether you are the kindest sweetest being this side of the Horse Head Nebula, or you are Hitler's Gas Man, YOU ARE LOVED without footnotes, clauses, conditions, exceptions, or anything in between. And you know what? That feels pretty darned good to me. And this is how I would expect a Creator of this magnitude of power to act, to think and to be.
  • We are told in two different texts (created 40 years apart, no less) that the third ingredient is really a break with the perfection of Light and Love, and it is thereby called the first Distortion of the Creation.  This "distortion" is FREE WILL. The Creator gave all of us Free Will and it is a Law that is enforced by the "Adults" in our Galaxy, which is how I look at Plasma-based beings (like Sol) that are possibly Billions of Years Old. Talk about a midlife crisis... YIKES!
  • Free Will MUST NOT BE IMPEDED, even the Free Will of the bad guys, UNLESS they impede yours. Then all bets are off. First off, lets describe who is good and who is bad. With thousands of races out there, we need some frames of reference. Under a long understood definition on classification of beings (and I mean LONG understood), three are basically two types:
    • 1) Those primary in service to others, and
    • 2) Those primarily in service to themselves.
  • Service to others does not mean you man bread lines 24/7/365 feeding the homeless or you are like Mother Theresa (although these would surely qualify, if your heart is in it and not doing it "for show"), but it means you have compassion for others, helping them whenever and wherever the need arises. Being nice, kind, cordial, friendly, and YOU don't impede the free will of others, as well. This is the bulk of Humanity and the bulk of beings in our universe, thankfully!
  • Service to Self is just that. Selfishness. These are the people that have no compassion, or very little of it, and they always come first in their decision making process. These are the criminals, the sociopaths, psychopaths, and the hardened criminals who live off of the toil of others. The beings that run our planet classify under this heading IN A VERY BIG WAY.


I am currently working on details for what is to come and how you can help and where to get more info. But you can start your research in the below places:
  •  (Free)
  • (about $90/year)
  • on the following Search Topics (lookout for paid CIA Trolls):
    • How to meditate
    • The Prime Creator
    • Atlantis and Lemuria
    • The Draco Empire and the Cabal
    The Law Of One series (FREE - PDF format, 5 volumes) is some mighty DRY reading. Basically, imagine what the telepathically channeled Q & A sessions between a 1.5 billion year old mental collective (hundreds of these beings speaking as one voice), and a PhD Earth Human who queries them (and who previously studied UFOs), might sound like... yes, it goes off the deep end now and then, but it is a WEALTH of information and there is no way in hell Carla Ruckert memorized and regurgitated that kind of Science, History, Philosophy, Cosmology, and Every other damned topic in that material... and some of it of a prophetic nature has even COME TRUE since it was done in 1983. YOWZA!!
  • Are UFO's and Aliens real?  ($4/mo)
    (If you watch all of the films at TBLN and you can't see that UFOs and advanced alien life is HERE and they have been with us since the caveman or earlier, get your BRAIN looked at... PERIOD). One or two of the TBLN films can also be found on and also on Netflix and Hulu. But there is NO question that TBLN has set the standard for PROOF.   PERIOD.
  • Yes, your local library will have hundreds or even thousands of books on the topic of Sentient LIFE in the Universe and UFOs. Anyone that says they are not real or are not visiting us, IS BRAIN DEAD.No offense intended.
All the above are good places to begin your research, but Gaia has the Secret Space Program, and UFOs and the Consciousness angles all rolled into one  Plus meditation, Yoga, Energetic Healing, Eating right, and all things metaphysical, so for $84 it was my best investment. (No I don't get a kickback... but I wish I did!).
TBLN FIlms was No. 2.  If you need to really be sure UFOs are real, pay the $4/mo and watch them all. There will be NO question in your mind (or your heart).

Some of the videos on YouTube describe what is going on here on Planet Earth quite accurately, but trying to figure out what is valid and what is BS is a full time job (and I already have a job that I need to feed my family and myself, so research time is at a premium) - and the TOTALLY CONTROLLED news agencies will never tell you the truth. When I found out that the CIA had full time agents to "monitor" (CENSOR?) the news in EVERY MAJOR news hub in the US and many in Europe and elsewhere, I smelled a RAT the size of a large Great Dane. What the hell happened to "The Land of the FREE?"

You may not believe what I have told you here, but you will soon find out it is all too real. But without at least hearing this and filing it away in your mind, when THE SHIT HITS THE FAN, you will be BEHIND the curve... behind the 8 Ball, as it were. And that is a never a good place to be if you want to work toward not being a casualty (and protecting those you love) when some disaster occurs, like huge CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) from our Sun, or Tidal Waves that may happen due to planetary shifting if they decide to repair our damaged 23.6 degree
TILT of the Earth as we orbit Sol (which is listed in some channeling sessions with advanced aliens as one item that may get fixed - and this COULD cause tidal waves, even if they do it SLOWLY!). 

Basically, you want to stay informed!
And you should always be ready to HELP OTHERS, and yourself, anyway - you KNOW that is just, good, common sense.

The EVENT is due sometime between NOW and 2022 or 2023 at the VERY latest (and personally, I think it will be far sooner rather than later). I felt things happening to me, my body, my emotions and the Earth in 2004 or 2005. I had NO idea what it was back then. But NOW, it is SCREAMING to me.

Many may say they KNOW what is coming with The Event, but they DON'T.  We do know it was designed by the Prime Creator of all that is, and those who are closest to the Creator of the Central or Core Sun of our galaxy, so it must certainly be a good thing. But it never hurts to be educated and informed, right? 

Spiritually, YOU may have a lot to learn, my friends...


Meditation - This is the place to begin your journey, the journey of ENLIGHTENMENT, since hiding inside of you is THE REAL YOU!  Oh yes, YOU ARE IN THERE, somewhere. It can take weeks or even months to discover you. I know someone that spent two years meditating half-halfheartedly and FINALLY felt the energy in their heart, and heard a faint voice from within. Now they can't spend enough time communing with that energy. I just laugh every time he says, "Oh, Oh, Oh, guess what I learned?" - and I DO listen to him, since he is REALLY connected inside, far more than I am. I am so happy for him. No envy, no jealousy, no problem. I gave those up with my DREADED ego quite some time ago. The Ego is a real bastard of an emotion.  It is a bad thing for us humans (or any race - other races have it, too). I never realized how nasty that critter really was until I was able to see ME with it GONE. I was a REAL JERK! I sincerely apologize to anyone I offended, too. I love the new me, the REAL me, so much more. And my blood pressure is near normal, too (unless I think of  Big Pharma... then it can go to 160/100 - real quick!) . Normally, NO MORE DRUGS to keep it down. It turns out that it HIGH BP is caused by BAD BREATHING habits. And that is just one good thing (out of dozens) that are side-effects (benefits) from meditation. NO LIE!  Just do It, you chumps! You'll call me a pinhead for not telling you sooner! <smile>

LEARN and Discern with Caution - There is so much bullshit on the Internet and on YouTube that I considered starting a Mushroom business (why not, the BS is plentiful and free, and all I need is some mushroom spores and darkness (and with the Cabal running Earth - we GOT a lot of darkness around here!), and I could be a millionaire! <grin>.  But seriously, vet EVERYTHING. Cross check, compare, and build trust in those you listen to. You have to do that to remain SANE, too.

Finally, I can't wait to see the Rings of Saturn, close up and in person. And by golly, I WILL get to do that. The Event is THAT CLOSE. Be prepared. Be ready. Meet the Real you down inside - the energetic you waiting to speak to the boring, Cabal-programmed, you.  What are you waiting for? Introduce them. You won't believe what you can tell yourself. And much of what goes between the two does NOT need words.

And one more little thing that I think is IMPORTANT.
The oldest aliens tell us that when the Creator designed this universe, lots of Mystery and Majesty was added just for our enjoyment and pleasure.  WOW!  Now is THAT an awesome Creator or what?

Let's cleanup this world of ours, Folks. We CAN and we WILL do it right. It will be a show place for the Milky Way.  I can see them all now:

"Hey Zorp, I know you'll only be in the Milky Way for a few weeks or so,
but you have GOT to see this planet called Earth.... let's Portal over!
It is absolutely AMAZING!
And their MUSIC is just AWESOME!"

The Fine Print:  No, there's really nothing down here worth reading, but did you know that Google and the other search engines like LOTS-o-TEXT to index ("hey... it's what they do!") - so words like High Speed Wireless Internet Service, Web Hosting, 802.16, and other technical type words anywhere on this page help point techies to this page.  If we were running a dogie day care, then we would have Dog words.  I think you get it... don't you?  ARF.